a better alternative to “someday” thinking

a better alternative to “someday” thinking

Today, I’d like to share a simple but impactful insight that I learned from a blog post by Seth Godin. In this article, he proposes a much better and powerful alternative to someday.

We all fall into the “someday” trap, don’t we? We create a wishlist or bucket list of things that we would like to experience or do sometime in the future, however, we never truly work towards making any concrete plans and making our deepest desires and dreams a living and breathing reality.

Instead, it’s more effective to set up a fixed date and actively towards making things happen. 

This date always beats someday.

So, what are some things you really want to do, see or experience? Just pick one of them… just one, and commit to it with all your heart. And then, choose any date in the future (it can be as far as you like). Once you have a date in mind, go to Google calendar and highlight it for that thing; or write that date down on a sticky note with a Sharpie and put it on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror. 

Now you have a tangible goal to work towards every day.

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