we are our own rescuers

We need to get rid of our faulty thinking that there is a knight in shining armor somewhere that will come to our rescue when we get stuck and caught up in difficult situations.

It’s a false mindset to believe that we have to wait for someone else to come to our aid in order to make progress. We need to take charge of ourselves; we are not victims and we are not helpless.

Our mentors may come in our lives but their job is to teach and instruct, not to rescue us. People may come and care for us in times of distress, but their job is to help us, not to rescue us.

We need to participate in our own rescue. A fundamental truth that most of us fail to live by is that we are our own rescuers, no one else is.

We need to stop rescuing others and stop expecting others to rescue us. Only then our relationships will progress and improve significantly.

Let go of all the fears, uncertainties and self-doubt that keep you away from taking assertive action that is in your best interest. Let go of the ‘knight in shining armor’ mentality and resolve to take care of yourself and let others do the same for themselves.