a satisfied life is a successful life

We spend most of our lives working hard to pursue success that doesn’t even align with us. We try measuring our success with the yardstick of others.

Our perception of success is misconstrued. We may well be successful in the eyes of other people, but deep down we know we are not satisfied with our life. A great example is the duo of Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus — together called the Minimalists. They had everything they had wished for but still they felt unhappy and unsatisfied. And that ate them up. Finally, as they tread on the path of minimalism, they were able to attain satisfaction with their pursuits and find meaning in them, becoming successful in the true sense.

A satisfied life is synonymous to a successful life. Others may see and try to evaluate us through our extrinsic success visible to them but they will never be able to assess our inner satisfaction. Our satisfaction can only be measured by our own mind, heart and soul.

We may be living our lives aiming for extrinsic success perpetuated by the society we live in, but instead we need to aim for satisfaction inside. Chances are that the things that make you feel satisfied may also unlock the secrets to true success for you.

The truth is that when we feel satisfied in our mind, heart and soul and find the peace within, only then we’ll be able to pour them out in our work, even the smallest acts that we participate in. And that will unlock even greater levels of success within us.

Instead of analyzing if you are truly successful, a better question to ask yourself is: Am I truly satisfied?

Do you feel full or is there a gaping void still inside you?

Satisfaction will help you become complete and whole. As we become more satisfied and as our work and life becoming meaningful and enriched, we become an instrument of service and a true embodiment of success.

So, don’t watch others, watch yourself. Because only you hold the key to your success and your own happiness and genius.