a simple recipe to let go of stuff

Letting go of our possessions is not always easy. As much as we’d like to admit, the human mind tends to procrastinate and complicate things. And that’s why we all need a simple and straightforward recipe to let go of possessions that no longer bring meaning, joy and value to us. 

Here’s a game plan that you can follow to let go:

  1. Separate that item either in a box or a corner of a room if you can.
  2. Sell → Sell that item at a fair price.
  3. If unsuccessful after 10 days, try selling one more time → Sell that item for a lower price.
  4. If unsuccessful after 30 days, ask around if anyone needs that item and give it to them for free. 
  5. If no one volunteers, donate that item to Goodwill or any other donation center. 
  6. If for some reason donation places don’t accept this item, recycle it if possible.
  7. If  recycling is not an option, throw that item in the trash (You may not like this but you tried your best and now you have no choice but to get this thing disposed).
  8. Breathe free.

For example, if there’s an old coffee table that you don’t need and would like to let go of, put it in a corner and list that item on Craigslist, Nextdoor, or any other online listing for a fixed price, say $49. If no sale takes place in 10 days, lower the price to $29 and then wait for 30 days. Once that period is over and still, no one has bought the table, it’s time to ask around at your workplace or in your community if anyone needs it. Give it to the first person who wants it, and in case no one seems interested in the table, then either take it to your local donation center or schedule a pickup. If that doesn’t work, your next strategy is recycling, and if recycling is not possible, then trashing your coffee table is the last resort. Nonetheless, you’ll be able to get rid of the coffee table once and for all.