a strategy for daily mentorship

As we pursue the never-ending journey of personal growth, we form relationships with certain authors, mentors and influencers that help us become a better version of ourselves.

We might want to read, listen or watch their creations consistently so that we go deep with them. But life comes in the way, and we find ourselves distancing from them, their presence and their mentorship.  

A strategy that has worked beautifully for me is dedicating one particular time pocket in my day to each of my mentors who impact my life significantly. For instance, every weekday:

  • I listen to the The Daily Stoic podcast by Ryan Holiday while making my bed.
  • I read a meditation by Melody Beattie from her book The Language of Letting Go before starting my work.
  • I watch DarrenDaily by Darren Hardy after I’m done with my first work session.
  • l watch at least one video from The Dave Ramsey Show during lunchtime.

As we stack each time pocket with a mentorship from a particular person we look up to via their book, podcast, video or audiobook, we are able to associate ourselves with them on a daily basis, ensuring our consistent personal and professional growth and development.

These daily associations not only help us progress smoothly in our journey of success but also help us stave off any negative influences that we may come across in our daily lives.

As we spend just a little time with our mentors through their materials every single day, we compound these mentorships and soon they become some of the most life-changing relationships in our lives.

PS: My suggestion for you to is to link reading The Daily Apple every day with an already established habit or time pocket in your daily life, for instance while drinking your morning coffee or while eating your lunch. In this way, you’ll be able to attain consistency with respect to reading my daily essays ensuring both you and me to have a seamless association. Enjoy the ride!