absorb the goodness

We should always be inclined towards absorbing goodness from the people around us. Think of this world as a supermarket. Every human that we meet is unique and has his/her own interests, specialties, flaws, and idiosyncrasies. Rather than being judgemental about them, we need to accept them as they are.

There are certain behaviors in every human being that we can learn from. Our goal should be to collect the goodness inside each human being that comes into our lives and transplant it in ourselves. If we find a habit or behavior that is extraordinary and has the potential to catapult our success and impact to new heights, then we need to start cultivating it.

This human supermarket around us is diverse and there are tons of different behavioral patterns floating around us. But we should only be interested in shopping goodness and helpful habits and behaviors.

Even though the world coaxes and pushes us to see the most heinous things happening around us, we should only focus on the gestures of humanity that reflect benevolence and goodwill.

Embrace the light of goodness and nurture it within you so that you are able to ignite this light in the people around you too.