abundance blocks

We all experience times when we think that the flow of money and resources to us is getting challenged. If not kept in check, we may start giving incremental attention to these negative thoughts. 

As our focus grows on lack, we eventually manifest scarcity in our lives keeping us stuck in poverty consciousness and unending deprivation loop. But what if we could identify these negative thought patterns and work on removing them from our minds?

Abundance blocks are limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that prevent us from actualizing our goals and desires. These blocks are the latent subconscious beliefs that stop us from bringing financial abundance and prosperity in our lives.

There’s a good chance that we may have been having these abundance blocks within us from a very young age and not even realize it unless someone points them out to us. Without our conscious awareness, these patterns inside us would have been limiting us from bringing abundance in our finances, careers, health, and relationships.

In essence, these venomous blocks bind us to live an ordinary and contracted life. And the supreme way to expand ourselves and our success is by identifying the abundance blocks inside us and work on eliminating them.

According to Christie Marie Sheldon, an established energy healer and intuition coach, there are the 24 abundance blocks that we all come across at different junctures of our time:

  1. Resistance
  2. Doubt and fear
  3. Fear of change
  4. Money zapping decisions
  5. Fear of growth
  6. Fear of success
  7. Fear of rejection
  8. Fear of numbers
  9. Indecision
  10. Feeling stuck
  11. Lack of clarity on your values
  12. Not having a blueprint for the future that you want
  13. Clutter
  14. Family-related blocks
  15. Blame
  16. Lack of awareness of the ultimate you
  17. Not being able to identify your future self
  18. Lack of understanding of how to turn blocks into profits
  19. Self-sabotage
  20. Lack of self-worth
  21. Financial mess
  22. Financial illusions
  23. Fear of scarcity
  24. Not welcoming abundance in your life

We may have a specific block or multiple layered blocks that may be stopping us from unleashing our potential and becoming abundant.

Eliminating these blocks can be an intensive, long and time-taking process, but we need to go through it so that we are able to tune our frequency to abundance, bring dramatic positive shifts in our physical reality, and create the life and future that we truly desire for ourselves.