add value, not noise

We are surrounded by noise wherever we go. With time, we find ways to tune out the noise that doesn’t serve us and distracts us from what we desire at that moment.

As creatives and artists, it is vital that we stand out. In a world where every seller, company and retailer is finding new ways to sell and lure the customer, we need to find innovative ways to give.

Instead of fighting for people’s attention, we need to focus on adding value and building relationships. While the clever marketers are executing strategies that target the brains of the crowd, we need to constantly and relentlessly work towards winning hearts and serving people in the best way we can.

Instead of opening our mouths and running advertisements, we can work towards opening our ears and understanding what people need the most.

The moment we start contributing to the noise, we compromise the sanctity of our art. Pursue excellence and add value to people’s lives, even if it may take some time to gather an audience.

Choose the path of intention and fearless giving. That’s the only way to attract and sustain success in the long term.