aligning with the emotions of our inner being

aligning with the emotions of our inner being

Once we start doing things that are positive and bring us joy on a daily basis, that’s when we embrace the lifestyle of a Karma Yogi wherein our actions are congruent with what we truly enjoy doing. Hence, we take inspired actions and not motivated ones. My suggestion for you is to make a list of things that conjure up all the amazing positive emotions inside you, and do them more often.

Our goal should be to be aligned constantly towards the emotions of our Inner Being, which is always positive and enhancing us, thus expanding our existence. Progression is what life’s all about. Once our emotions are congruent with our Inner Being and the Life Source within us, then our thoughts will always vibrate in a frequency that will attract more positive things in our life.

Our high vibration thoughts will emit a high vibration energy that will cause us to bring and attract great things in our lives. Because our thoughts are high in vibrational capital, our vibrational reality becomes abundant of all our fulfilled desires causing them to soon manifest in our physical reality. This leads to the perennial flow of positive emotions in the present moments as well as in the future. 

Manifesting abundance is all about tuning in with the right thoughts and being in the receiving mode. When we get tuned in, our life becomes a positive uplifting cycle and we go on an upward spiral. As I have previously stated and would like to emphasize again, it all starts with us being in touch with the Inner Being within us and experiencing positive emotions.

Every individual has their own circumstances and situations and depending on that you may or may not be able to devote the amount of time that you want to spend doing the things that you truly enjoy. But when we commit to participating in them, it starts the momentum of positive emotions in ourselves and we are able to get in the right headspace to accomplish the important tasks in our lives — the ones that may seem mundane and monotonous to us but we know are essential for our success and fulfilling our purpose.

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