are you a drama queen?

Many people want drama in their lives, whether they accept this truth or not. But some of them thrive on it. It’s akin to a need. They need drama to relieve themselves from boredom and monotony; but what they don’t understand is that it has the potential to cause them serious harm psychologically as well as negatively influence the people around them.

If you’re one of them, detach from the drama within you and choose calm. Due to the influence of TV, news and other media, being dramatic has become intertwined in the threads of your thoughts. It’s time you take control of your psyche. 

Look in the mirror today and ask yourself “Am I a drama king/queen?”. And if the answer is yes, you know some change is in order.

Drama makes a chat an argument and a discussion a conflict. Lower your voice, open your ears and raise your vibration. You need to talk less and listen more. Start putting yourself in others’ shoes, this will help you understand their unique perspectives.

Drama is the quickest way to get someone’s attention, and some people use it as a shortcut to get what they want. But never underestimate the power of peace and see what it can do. 

Drama is not a sign of power, but an act of weakness. Countless people struggle with it; but that’s not an excuse to not be an exception and remain calm when others act.

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