are you impregnated with a dream?

We are all authors of our lives and our success. If you want to write a story of triumph and achievement, then you need to have immense amounts of grit, patience, perseverance and be comfortable with being uncomfortable. 

There are countless people who start writing the story of their personal legend, but they somehow get stuck in their first few chapters. As the plot thickens and mystery and uncertainty start to loom, they give up writing, and the pages go blank. Their story is lost, and no one ever gets to read it. 

But there are certain exceptionalists who keep writing way beyond their first few chapters and ensure that the story of their bravery and success gets written, so that it not only brings them joy and satisfaction, but they are able to inspire other people as well.

The people with incredible stories understand that in order to give birth to a dream, they need to the pregnancy full-term. There’s no other way if they want to reach their destinations. In order to fulfill their dreams, they are okay with going through emotional and financial rollercoasters, and the uncomfortable moments of fear and uncertainty. There are times when they are broke and broken, scared and scarred, and have no idea about what they’re doing, but they keep doing it anyway. They’re willing to go through bouts of morning sickness, and all the discomforts that come with being pregnant with a dream. 

In one of her motivational speeches, Lisa Nichols talks about the realities of being pregnant with a dream and asks a key question: “You’re impregnated with a dream bigger than you; what part of labor did you think would be comfortable?”

If you’re pregnant with an idea, something much greater than you, then you need to stop thinking about the labor, and instead think about the other side of the labor. What’s coming is beautiful, and even if it gets painful, uncomfortable and scary, keep going through the pregnancy and labor, because in the end it’ll all be worth it.