are you in tune with your strengths?

People who are productive and know how to use their time wisely know that they are most effective when they play to their strengths. If you want to attract success and abundance in the long run, you have to stop settling, you have to stop being “average.”

As John C. Maxwell explains, “If your skill level is a two, don’t waste substantial time trying to improve because you’ll likely never grow beyond a four. However, if you’re a seven in an area, hone that skill, because when you become a nine, you’ve reached a rare level of expertise.”

If you want to be insanely productive and successful, you must become the exception. Discover your strengths and what makes you unique. And then work relentlessly towards developing them.

There’s no single human being on the face of this earth who is not blessed with a gift — a unique set of skills and talents.

Get in tune with your strengths, enhance and refine them, and let them help you achieve extraordinary success and design a life of your dreams.