assume good intentions

I know you think people are scheming and plotting against you. They do things simply to piss you off. They are trying to hurt you, make you uncomfortable and cause you pain. They demean and ridicule you intentionally. In few rare cases you may be right, but overall you’re completely wrong.

If others are not keeping up their promises and doing certain things that drive you to the awful-town, then instead of being reactive, all you need to do is: Assume good intentions. Believe that people have a good reason to do or not do something. Believe that people are trying their best.

They don’t want to pick up a fight or make you angry or uncomfortable on purpose. Even if they desire to do so, what good will a pissing contest or an argument make? Instead of extrapolating heated debates and making a mountain out of a molehill, it’s best to assume that people always have good intentions behind their actions or inactions.

Just let it go and conjure up the yogi within you. There’s no point in misjudging and pointing fingers at others.

Appreciate the people around you, don’t depreciate them. Because in the end it’s all about sustaining healthy relationships and being there for each other no matter what.