be content with being clueless

The world has become small thanks to the Internet and other technological advances. It’s as easy to connect with your cousin who lives thousands of miles away from you as your neighbor who lives right across you. It’s as easy to know what events are going all around the world and follow them as knowing and attending events in your neighborhood.

In these days of 365/24/7 media and remaining plugged to it, the downside is that we put ourselves under the constant pressure of knowing everything. A majority of people in our society believe it’s their obligation to know about every single current event that’s happening, locally and globally, to follow CNN (read Constant Negative News) or any other news channels religiously, and to get familiarized with everything about a new critically acclaimed TV show or web series. We think it’s our duty and responsibility to constantly show up in the world as a well-informed and knowledgeable individual.

But who has entrusted this duty over us? What’s the main reason we want to know every single thing or watch every single noteworthy show or movie? The law doesn’t enforce this, neither does the police. Then why this constant chase behind what’s new, hot and trending? Is it the fear of you looking silly, stupid and distant when others discuss about the recent Game of Thrones episode or the recent breakup of that famous celebrity?

It’s okay to stay informed about the local events and important matters that may affect us or our family, but we don’t have to run after every piece of breaking news in the digital realm.

No matter how much we dread the three words, we can muster the courage and just say, “I don’t know.” Or you may replace them with “I don’t care.”, or ”It’s not my problem/concern.”

There’s no need to go with the flow of the society. Own yourself and your life. It’s absolutely fine to take the Sherlock Holmes approach and protect your brain attic from unnecessary clutter. Because in the end, you’re managing and directing your life, not others’.