be willing to let go of convenience

In order to become the best version of ourselves and fulfill our dreams, we need to let go of our current identity, the one that has been shaped by the society we live in, by our old limiting beliefs and by our previous flawed actions and behaviors. 

We need to live our truth and not live according to other people’s agendas. We need to act the way we want to and let go of the need to impress or prove our worth to others.

We need to be okay with just ‘being’ and be happy with who we are. We need to unhook ourselves from other people’s perception of our previous self. We need to be willing to realign with our authentic selves, figure out what core values drive us, and rediscover and reinvent ourselves. We need to allow ourselves to break through our internal barriers and become a little better every single day. And we need to be okay to make ourselves uncomfortable as we tread this new path.

Lisa Nichols, a bestselling author and a popular motivational speaker, believes that we need to choose either conviction or convenience, we can’t have both of them at the same time. In one of her interviews, she shares, “… My grandmother said that conviction and comfort don’t live in the same block. If you’re going to be convicted about something, you might have to go through some discomfort. But if you want to stay comfortable, why don’t you just relax where you are? Because that’s where you’re going to stay.”

If we want to make significant progress towards our dreams, we need to be willing to go through difficult, trying and uncomfortable situations. Our dreams lie on the other side of the hard choices that we need to make. We need to let go of our bad habits and excuses. We need to distance ourselves from procrastination and the blame game. And we need to work towards dissolving our fears and worries.

Taking action on our dreams is not a cakewalk. But if we are willing to bring upon a significant transformation in ourselves and do whatever it takes, no matter how scary or uncomfortable it gets, we set ourselves on the path to accomplishing them.