become a diver

A majority of us inhabiting this planet are living superficial lives, the reason being that we are simply more focused on our individual needs and wants. We are busy satisfying our own desires without thinking about addressing the concerns of others. Yet the void within us never gets filled. There’s still a deep emotional need that we fail to acknowledge and act upon. 

But when we practice spirituality, we elevate ourselves from our human existence. We equip ourselves with a bird’s-eye view of the world and as we obtain a higher perspective, we start understanding that living for ourselves may satisfy us in the short-term but in the long run if we want to experience perennial joy, then we need to fulfill the emotional need at the deep core of our hearts by serving others.

As Gaur Gopal Das writes in his book Life’s Amazing Secrets:

“When we live superficial lives, dedicated to serving ourselves, we are like surfers: riding the waves, but not seeing what is beneath them. We may satisfy our own needs and concerns by doing so, but we will never be truly fulfilled.

However, when we practise spirituality, we become like divers: we submerge ourselves underneath the turbulent waves to find a pleasure much deeper, beyond hedonistic ideals. That profound joy is only possible when one feels love to serve others.”

It’s your choice whether you would like to become a surfer or a diver.

If we want to enhance our human experience and enjoy the hidden treasures that life offers, then it’s wise to embark on the journey of spirituality and go deep. We’ll not only attain meaningful rewards but live a more joyous and satisfying life as well.