become bold and just start

Doing is more important than thinking. Execution is more important than planning. Action is more important than inspiration. 

We have to become bold and just start at some point of time even if we don’t feel ready, and not worry about the outcomes of our actions. This is what the Karma Yoga philosophy is all about. And it aligns beautifully with what the ancient philosopher Democritus said, “Boldness is the beginning of action. But fortune controls how it ends.”

Writing a book is in our control, but whether it becomes a bestseller and a huge success is not. Making a sales pitch is in our control, but whether we get the deal is not. Approaching a beautiful stranger and saying hello is something we control, but the way they respond is not. Making an apology is something we control, but whether it gets accepted is not.

Our power lies in doing and giving our best, and know that there are different variables that dictate the outcomes, hence training ourselves to not get attached to them. So, initiation and action are up to us and in the realm of our control, but what happens next is not.

I still remember something that my father once said when I was dreading the upcoming exams in high school. He told it’s all a matter of getting started. Once the exams start, things will get easier. And they did. It was all about getting familiar with the motions of going to the examination hall, and then writing exams. Anticipation conjures up incredible fear within us, but once we get adapted to new behaviors or surroundings, things become easier. 

The main thing that matters is to start and to act. As the New Year begins, ask yourself, what is something important that you’ve been putting off. And then become bold and muster the courage to start working on it. Don’t worry about how things will pan out. Just start and give your best, and let the chips fall where they may.