become the master of your inbox

become the master of your inbox

“Staying engaged with meaningful work—and fending off the allure of email— is all about making progress visible.”

― Jocelyn K. Glei, Unsubscribe

Keep this in mind, no one is pointing a gun at you demanding you to immediately respond to an email or forcing you to respond in a certain desired way. Just focus on limiting the emails you send, and soon the emails that you receive will drop.

Redirect your time and energy towards meaningful work — work that is incredibly important to you and contributes both to your life and your legacy. Take a pause and ask yourself: Am I doing something important that will help me achieve my big goals? Is this thing going to make me better at my craft? Will this improve my career and my life, or help me contribute effectively to other people’s lives?  

Your meaningful work might be creating a documentary film, writing a book, improving your sales and marketing skills, or teaching an online course to others. Whatever it is, you must identify that endeavor as soon as possible. Otherwise, you’ll never be able to train yourself to use email intentionally. 

Where your focus goes, energy flows. To use your time efficiently, you must direct your attention towards a meaningful project. Only then, you’ll be able to stop yourself from checking your inbox a zillion times each day and hence curb your email addiction. 

Make a commitment to not waste any more time on pointless messages. Develop positive habits and tweak a few things so that you spend your time primarily on things that matter the most. It’s time you become the master of your inbox, it’s time you take charge of your daily work life.