becoming a committed giver

becoming a committed giver

When we get attached or addicted to an activity or behavior, consciously or unconsciously, we become takers. We start feeding off other people or things to satisfy our urges. We think happiness comes from transactions, and that tempts us to participate in actions that we later regret. 

But as we work hard on ourselves and redeem ourselves, we claim our power back and enrich our capacity to give. 

We need to commit to acts of generosity, it doesn’t matter whether they are big or small. The perks of becoming a giver are both physiological and psychological. Truth be told, between a giver and receiver, it is the giver who benefits the most. 

There is plenty of evidence that supports how generosity can positively impact various facets of our well-being and others. We must understand these benefits to better be able to nurture a giving and compassionate attitude within us.

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