becoming kind and loving

Sometimes, the Universe sends us reminders of kindness, gentleness and love. Nature and this wonderful planet that we live in help us get in touch with these feelings through their beautiful and mysterious ways. They help us become cognizant of this sacred place within us that we had discovered before — the place that harbors kindness, gentleness and love. 

Somewhere along our day to day life as we get busy with our worldly duties, routines and going through different experiences, we get distanced away from our innate kindness. But if we choose, we can always realign ourselves and go to that place again. As those reminders come our way, we can go back to being kind and loving — to others as well as to ourselves. 

Kindness, gentleness and love are not feelings that we stumble upon due to experiences that we have in the external world. In fact, they are always within us, and we can access them whenever we want and wherever we go.