believe in what you can’t see

Our perception defines our reality, and that’s why a lot of us remain stuck. The limitations that we face in our everyday life dictate and determine the way we live our lives.

We stay away from questioning the beliefs that have been inculcated in us since we were kids. We start living according to the ways of the society never stopping and thinking if we are truly living the way we want to live. We start pursuing titles instead of doing meaningful work through which we can access our untapped potential.

We believe in what we see and think that’s our reality. Instead, we need to believe in what we can’t see, that we can achieve whatever we want. Instead of letting our reality define our dreams, we need to work towards creating a reality that matches our dreams.

It doesn’t matter if you have not gotten a glimpse of your true potential yet, you need to believe that it’s there within you. You need to believe that there’s a genius, a mighty beast within you who has the power to bring a significant change in this world. No matter who you are at this point of time — a janitor, a teacher, a salesperson, a surgeon, a software engineer, or a housekeeping staff — don’t let your title limit you and your legend.

You need to believe in the badass within you and that you can attract the success and abundance you want even if you don’t see it right now. Believe in what you want and who you want to become and the Universe will conspire those things to happen making it your tangible and visible reality.

It doesn’t matter how illogical and impractical you feel your dreams and desires are, they can be real. A majority of us see things and only then believe in them. Instead, be the rare few who believe in the invisible so much that they end up manifesting it in their reality and seeing it. Your beliefs determine your reality, it’s as simple as that.