book summary: the richest man in babylon by george s. clason (part 1)

book summary: the richest man in babylon by george s. clason (part 1)
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Key Message

When you work hard, seize opportunities bravely, live within your means, save a certain portion of your income every month and invest it wisely, over time you will become wealthy.


Money management and investing are skills anyone can learn no matter their background, profession, age, gender, or location.

Mastering them enables you to live a stress-free life, accomplish your mighty goals, fulfill your desires and dreams, and enjoy necessary comforts and meaningful pursuits.

When you have a steady cash flow and plenty of surplus money in the bank, you’ll experience the happiness and stability that come from always having abundant resources to provide for your needs.

Here are three primary reasons why the Babylonians were so rich:

  • They appreciated the value of money.
  • They practiced sound financial principles while handling money, making sure it grew and earned them more money.
  • They created for themselves one or more sources of income for the future.

To bring your dreams and desires to fulfillment, you must be successful with money.

The laws of money are like the laws of gravity: universal and unchanging.