building your inner wealth

According to statistics in the US, the more money a person makes, the less they give as a percentage of their income. In fact, it has been reported that people who earn less than $20,000 a year are twice as charitable as those earning $100,000 a year. And this is America, the number one in the world for charitable giving. 

It’s “fascinating” that the high-income earners said that they didn’t give more because they couldn’t afford it. These people have started cultivating the false mentality that in order to have more money, they have to hold on to it tight with a strong grip. But all they have to do is do the exact opposite; in order to earn more, they have to train themselves to give more. They have to learn to let go of their money, otherwise, they will continue to miss out on all the benefits and blessings that giving and altruism brings to their lives. 

Generosity is a key component when it comes to building wealth, not only the outer one but the inner one that lies within. Wealth is not exclusively material, it’s something abstract as well, something that only we can experience individually.

Giving provides the opportunity to invest in our own happiness. We, humans, are designed to be naturally altruistic. You probably would have experienced the rush of positive feelings when you help someone out or meet a need in someone’s life, either with your time, your money or something you possess. We are happiest and most fulfilled when we’re giving, contributing and serving others, that’s a fact of life. 

Make giving a habit in your life regardless of whether your faith or religion preaches it or not. As you make this behavior change in your life, you’ll find yourself becoming less selfish over time. And the more money you’ll earn, the more opportunities you’ll look to give. 

Of course, there’s no guarantee that you’ll make more money just because you are willing to give more of it away, but still, you’ll bring more wealth in, sometimes in your bank account, and sometimes in your heart and spirit. Nonetheless, when you practice compassion and generosity, you’ll always end up with more.