celebrate the success and prosperity of others

celebrate the success and prosperity of others
Photo by Walls.io / Unsplash
“Celebrate the success of others not as a duty, but as a delight. It's the fastest way to create your own.” – Anonymous

Whenever you hear about someone else receiving more money or experiencing great success, try to feel excited instead of jealous. This is actually a good sign for you! It means you're on the same "frequency" as that person, which suggests you have the potential for similar success.

Your reaction to others' good fortune is very important. If you feel happy and enthusiastic when you hear about someone else's money or achievements, you are essentially saying "yes" to more of that for yourself. You're putting out positive energy and inviting more abundance and prosperity into your own life.

On the other hand, if you feel disappointed or envious when you hear about someone else's success, you are inadvertently saying "no" to that same type of success for yourself. Negative emotions like jealousy will only block the flow of abundance.

So the next time you hear news about a person winning the lottery or getting a big raise, or a company making record profits, try to genuinely celebrate it. Be excited for them, because that excitement is your way of aligning yourself with that same level of success. It's a sign that you're on the right track and that similar prosperity could be in your future too.

Stay positive and keep an open, abundance-oriented mindset. When you see others thriving, let it inspire you instead of making you feel lacking. Your reaction matters - so choose to feel joy, not envy. That will put you in the best position to manifest your own dreams and amazing achievements.