change your perception of failure

change your perception of failure

Overall, the human tendency is to avoid pain rather than embrace pleasure or joy. A majority of us would rather not lose something than work towards gaining something. 

At the risk of generalizing, here’s the truth: Many people are so afraid of losing or failing that they never make any big moves or take risks. They are so terrified at the dark abyss staring at them that they never take the quantum leap.

But playing it safe will neither let you discover what you’re truly capable of nor help you in achieving extraordinary feats. If you really want to master the art of exceptional living, you must desensitize yourself to fear of loss and failure.

Change your perspective and start thinking of failures as temporary setbacks. Don’t be too harsh on yourself. There’s a difference between failing at something and labeling yourself as a “failure.”

When you make failing a part of your identity, you lower your vibration and get yourself in a downward negative spiral. This can have a detrimental effect on your mind, body and spirit. However, when you detach yourself from setbacks and look at them objectively as temporary defeats, you empower yourself to look at the silver linings and identify the hidden blessings in them.

Author and motivational speaker Bob Proctor advises to keep the following three truths in mind to help you change your perspective and cultivate persistence in order to achieve the success that you desire:

  1. No one ever got up from the knockout blow of defeat without being stronger and wiser from the experience.
  2. Advancement of all kinds is generally preceded by a crisis. The greater the crisis, the greater the opportunity for advancement.
  3. There is no problem outside of you that is superior to the power that is within you.

If you want to achieve extraordinary success, you must accept that failure is inevitable. If you’re not losing and making mistakes now and then, you’re doing something wrong. 

Your setbacks are making you better and wiser; embrace them and use them as fuel in your success journey. After all, as Rocky Balboa instructs, it’s all about how hard you can get hit in this arena of life and keep moving forward. How much you can take and keep moving forward. That’s the key to winning!

You must keep getting up and keep moving forward. Because until you reach your goal, the match is still on!