cheaper option vs best solution

Here’s an insight that beautifully ties with the notion of choosing long-term success over short-term fixes and outcomes. 

When it comes to managing our finances, we all try to save as much money as we can for a better future. However, there are a few instances where this mindset backfires on us. 

Sometimes, it’s much better to go for the best solution instead of the cheaper option, especially when it comes to significant areas of our professional and personal lives.

Bestselling author Mark Manson shared recently on Twitter, “Probably my biggest personal lesson of 2019: Often spending less money ends up being far more expensive.”

He further elaborates, “To those who don’t understand, there are many things that you can spend money on (eg, doctor, architect, accountant) that if you try to save money by taking the cheaper option, the damage they cause from their worse expertise will end up costing you much more.”

In other words, if we’re not careful, our desire to save a few bucks today may end up costing us a fortune down the road. 

Basically, it’s best not to be cheap! Of course, we should keep our expenses low, but at the same time work towards building funds that help us access the “right” solution which gives us the maximum probability of long-term success. 

Don’t let short term profits and gains sway your thinking. Take a long-term view and choose wisely.