child-like stubbornness

Sometimes, in order to get things done and accomplished, we need to reawaken within us the stubbornness that we had when we were children.

No matter what we wanted, we ended up getting it through persisting, pestering and doing whatever it took us to convince our parents. We don’t need to become childish and throw tantrums, but all we need to do is incorporate the same stubbornness and the innate never-give-up attitude that we had while pursuing things that matter the most to us.

No matter how subdued, weak or defeated you may feel, just think of it as an obstacle, not an end. In order to release our best creations into the world or attain something meaningful , we may face countless obstacles and roadblocks but we need to keep marching and believing that we are going to get what we set out for.

We need to reserve this child-like stubbornness exclusively for major challenges and let go of it in minor everyday issues. In other words, we need to simply employ it for constructive purposes.  

A lot of us work hard, but only the exceptionalists amongst us develop passion towards our work and bring meaningful persistence and grit towards it. This is what makes them truly successful and helps them attain the status that they currently have.

It doesn’t how matter how old you are, you can always remember that a little child-like stubborn attitude when capitalized correctly can take you much farther than you even thought it was possible.