choosing satisfaction over impatience

As life moves forward and as we gather new experiences and interactions with others and with the world, we birth new desires and wants. But because manifestation takes time, continuing with our current circumstances and situations becomes tricky, especially if we are habituated with receiving short-term rewards.

When our desires are not met and our wants are not fulfilled, against our best nature, we start becoming impatient somewhere down the line. We start thinking that we’re doing something wrong or worse start losing faith in the laws of the Universe. But in those dark times when our impatience kicks in, we need to get ourselves aligned and elevate ourselves to the frequency of our Inner Being. Instead of feeling lack, we need to feel satisfied with the present moment and with what we have, and trust that our desires will be met sooner or later.

Impatience never serves well, and if we find ourselves continually becoming impatient then there’s a discord between us and the journey that we chosen for ourselves. Either we need to become better and more resilient, or we need to choose a different journey for ourselves. Instead of feeling frazzled, rushed or impatient, we need to let go of our attachment to our desired outcomes and simply trust the process and the Universe. As we feel satisfied in our daily life and in our actions, we’ll find ourselves in a better place, not only in the present moments but in the future as well when our current desires would be met and when new desires and wants would be surfacing.

As humans, we will always keep expanding ourselves and birthing new desires and wants for ourselves. And that’s why it’s very important to make satisfaction an integral part of life; because when we are in constant touch with happiness and contentment, only then we’ll be able to alleviate the meaningless suffering that we put ourselves through in our life.