choosing the lighter path

There are times when we reach a fork in the road, where we don’t know which way we should go next. We encounter our inner conflicts and get engulfed in the darkness of confusion and frustration. We want to act logically and rationally, but a deeper desire within us tugs us to go in the opposite way. 

During those times of uncertainty, we may feel lost. But if we pay attention to our body, our mind and our spirit, we’ll find one choice lighter than the other. It appears brighter, and feels better and right.

This is what Marie Forleo suggests in one of her MarieTV episodes as well. In order to make the right decision, she recommends doing the physical test, which works amazingly for her. Whenever she feels torn about making a decision, she taps into her body and asks herself the question, “Do I feel expansive when I think about this, or contracted?” It’s a subtle exercise in which you have to pay attention to your inner sensations. And when you ask this question about a certain decision, if you instantly feel dread, heaviness or reluctance, or your body gradually moving back, all these refer to feeling contracted. On the flip side, when you ask the same question, and all of a sudden you feel lighter and brighter and your body moves forward, and even if you may feel a slight sensation of fear, something within you feels bigger, then that’s an example of experiencing expansiveness. In simple words, a feeling of contraction means a big no, and a feeling of expansiveness means two thumbs up.  

There’s an intelligence within our body that knows what’s best for us. All we have to do is relax, tune into our body, and trust what our heart is trying to tell us.

When you come across a tough decision in your life and feel confused and don’t know which way to go, just wait. Soon, one path would catch the eyes of your soul that would feel lighter and naturally align with the deeper wisdom and intelligence within you. 
Just follow the light and choose the path that your intuition wants you to go in. As Melody Beattie writes in Journey to the Heart, “When in doubt, go toward the light. When you get to a fork in the road, choose the way that feels lightest. The light will take you to the next place. The light will lead you home.”