choosing the right influence

There are certain people in our past that would have hurt or annoyed us. There would be strong negative emotions attached to them. Sometimes, they never come again in our lives but there are other times when that person keeps showing up in our lives due to circumstances that we just can’t avoid.

As we invest in ourselves and in bettering ourselves through learning and personal development, we get in better alignment with our higher self, our Inner Being. We cultivate a better mindset, gain a better grip over our emotions, and incorporate some healthy behaviors. We change and so does our perception.

However, there’s a huge chance that the other person would not have changed at all. Their perception would be the same old one. They may say the same things, and act and behave in the same way as they did. This might stir up the same negative emotions and feelings within us that emerged in our previous experiences. We might find ourselves falling into the same old thinking patterns and get seduced by the previous clouded perception that we used to have.

But during those difficult times, we need to make a call and choose the right influence for ourselves. Either we can choose to get under the influence of this annoying person and participate in words, actions or behaviors that we would later regret, or instead choose the influence of our wiser self, our Inner Being and say, act and behave accordingly.

Circumstances, situations and the people that might show up in our lives are not in our control, but we have control over what influence we choose to conform to.

As we get under the influence of our Inner Being and go with the right flow, we become kinder and more compassionate. Our interactions become better, and who knows we may even change the perception of the other person or impact them in a significant way changing the nature of our relationship with them.