closing the gap

closing the gap

No one is an ‘average human.’ There is a genius in all of us. No matter what you have been told up to this point in your life, there is infinite brilliance locked inside of you.

What influences your success is the gap that lies between the two Ps: your Potential and your Performance.

As the gap gets unnoticed and unbridged, you squander away your potential in meaningless pursuits. This lack of inspired action is primarily due to resistance. Your limiting beliefs, inhibitions, fears, and lack of discipline fuel your inner resistance, while the outer resistance is offered by the news, media, the societal conditioning and countless other stimuli. 

This resistance, if not taken away, will lead you towards the so-called ‘normal life,’ which, in essence, is a life of mediocrity. The alignment between your creative potential and your performance is a prerequisite to living your truth, living your legend and leaving a legacy behind you when you’re gone.

So, are you going to see yourself lose the priceless currency of your potential day by day, or instead commit to making a powerful shift so that you are able to tap into the hidden potential inside of you, channel it into meaningful creations, and wow everyone with your enhanced productivity and performance?