collect intense experiences

Many of us get trapped in the monotony of life — doing our jobs, driving or commuting, household chores, errands. But the downside of this monotony is that we lose the wonder in our eyes and the excitement and enthusiasm that we used to have towards life. 

We forget that life is about having fun and R & R too. There’s more to life; it has always been there but we have surrendered to the monotony and stopped looking. 

In order to master the mundane and live a meaningful life, you need to get to the drawing board and lay down your most valuable priorities, and focus on the moments of extreme excitement that you want to bring, both in your professional and personal life. 

Make a game out of it, design some mini-challenges for yourself and connect to the people who are on the same journey as yours. This will not only help you go through the drudgery, but also bring you more intense and extreme experiences in your life. 

Success is not a straightforward path, it requires us to go through long periods of monotony and mundane, and we just need to keep moving forward in our journey in order to get to the experiences of extreme excitement and joy. The climb may be boring and redundant, but the view from the top is breathtaking and soul-enriching. 

Don’t let the boredom and monotony wear you down, just focus on collecting more experiences of extreme excitement. As Jim Rohn said, “Life is simply a collection of experiences. Your job is to increase the intensity and the frequency of those experiences.”