collision coming up

We are tempted to look at our past time and again. We bring it repeatedly in our conversations, we regret things that we did, we fantasize how things would have played out if we had not done that one particular thing. But it’s all futile. It’s robbing you of the deliciousness of your present moments and the focus that you would need to carve a better, brighter future for yourself.

It’s better to bring your attention to your present actions, because that is what will determine your future. If we keep driving our car looking at the rearview mirror, sooner or later, we’ll experience a collision with something we didn’t see. Thinking about our past mistakes, follies and decisions, and stewing with repentance will open up our wounds again and the healing that took place will be of no use.

What has happened in our past is done, it cannot change. But we can focus on our present, envision a better future for ourselves and act accordingly.