connecting with the divine every day

connecting with the divine every day

“Prayer is a good thing to wrap around us every day. Whenever we get in a jam, get confused, need help, or don’t know what to do next, taking a minute to talk to God and asking for guidance is a good call.” — Melody Beattie

We’re all aware of the power of association. I’m sure you would have read or heard Jim Rohn’s popular quote, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”

We need to be wary of who we choose to include in our social circle. Their beliefs, ideas, habits, assumptions, and opinions become ours the more we spend time with them. Through the scientific phenomenon of emotional contagion, we start adopting traits of the people we associate with. In other words, the people we choose to hang out with shape us and our success. That’s why the phrase “Stick with the winners” is a wonderful gem of wisdom to live by.

The power of the Master Mind Alliance can take us further and faster to new realms of success and greatness. So, here’s some food for thought. Why not elevate and enhance this power by including God in our close-knit circle? Why not spend a few minutes every single day consciously connecting with the Lord and praising his glory? 

PS: It’s 2/22/2022 today. Happy Twosday everyone! #twosdaytuesday