conscious scrolling

As we get glued to our glowing screens, we become so absorbed with our consumption that we lose track of time and forget why we were on that website or app on the first place.

We enjoy scrolling, it helps us cope with boredom, it helps us ignore reality, it helps us invest in other people’s lives. After all, they’re much better than ours, right?

We all see the trap of scrolling but we don’t pay close attention to it. We keep seeking for something better, something funnier, something that resonates with us so that we can fill up the void within.

Our scrolling becomes compulsive without us even knowing it. We find ourselves scrolling for no reason, just to kill time, just to pause the reality that surrounds us.

The attention engineers want us to keep scrolling, it’s their bread and butter. But we can’t let incessant scrolling consume our lives. Life is made of moments, not infinite scrolls.

We need to bring awareness to our screen and scroll time and become conscious of what we’re looking for. We can’t keep going on wild-goose chases that compromise our living experience; instead we can limit our intake and spend those precious moments towards something constructive that enhances our life.

It’s time we lose our addiction towards scrolling and become conscious about our digital consumption. Truth be told, it’s affecting us more than we think it is.