consistency is the mother of mastery

In order to get better and excel in our life and our chosen field, we need to bring consistency in our actions.

We need to be like our tortoise friend — slow and steady. If we sprint too hard one day and end up recovering for the next two days, we lose momentum and the inspiration within.

It’s best to remember this simple truth: Consistency is the mother of mastery.

We need to show up every single day to hone our craft and work towards accruing personal mastery and professional prowess.

Consistency needs to become an integrated part of our lifestyle and our identity.

As we focus on aligned actions day by day, we attain the extraordinary.

Consistency is an important virtue practiced by the exceptionalists. Because for them, it’s not about accruing big wins in a record time, it’s about improving and making a little progress every day.

The superachievers amongst us focus on the process goals, not the end goals. They seek progress, not perfection. They believe in leveraging the power of momentum aka the Big Mo to deliver consistent extraordinary performance.

When consistency becomes integrated in our DNA, and we start taking small actions every day towards our big goals, their accomplishment becomes inevitable. As Robin Sharma puts it, “Small daily improvements over time lead to stunning results.”