constructive anger

Anger is perceived negatively by most of us. Sure, we need to get a grip on our anger but instead of suppressing it we need to channel it towards a constructive cause.

Anger is essentially energy and we need to contain this energy and unleash it towards an area whether it be at work, competitive sports, health and fitness, philanthropy or any other creative endeavor so that it can be used optimally.

If we let anger control us, not only do we affect and alienate other people, but we also cause unimaginable harm to ourselves. We need to transform our irrational anger into an intentional fuel.

We can bring our edge in our business to get exponential results and maximize our income or at the gym to get a better and stronger body for ourselves. We can use it as an ammunition in our battles against vices and demons that lurk around undetected in our society. We can employ it to propel our passion towards our craft or engage it to fight for worthy causes that really matter to us.  

Anger is an indicator that we have power within us, and we need to be mindful to use that power for good and not squander it away.  

We can’t let anger brew inside us and it’s best to release it from our system. So why not do it purposefully in constructive ways so that it leads to betterment and not harm?