consume with intention

The exceptionalists, superstar performers and billionaires out there are extremely intentional with what they consume, especially information. They practice moderation and are incredibly thoughtful about what they put in front of their eyes, ears and mouth. 

In other words, they are highly committed to feeding their minds with positive information and inspiration, nourishing their bodies with foods that get them in the best health possible, and cultivating restraint and self-control whenever required.

What you consume dictates what you offer to the world. The law of cause and effect applies here too. Garbage in, garbage out. Excellence in, excellence out. 

Here’s a formula that can be extremely helpful to you in this regard:

Consumption − Intention = Junk

Like Sherlock Holmes, protect your brain attic against irrelevant pieces of information. Unless the information is essential to achieving a certain goal or making an important decision, ignore it. 

No matter what information, food or any other resource you consume, remember that if it’s not helping you move forward, it’s weighing you down. Practice minimalism and consume with intention. This will always lead you to greater success, health and happiness.