cook with love

According to Ayurveda, whenever you cook for your friends or loved ones, it’s important to be in a happy state of mind. This is because the emotions you pour into your food while cooking directly affect those who will be eating the food. So, keep in mind that you add loads of love as well along with the required ingredients when you wear the chef’s hat.

Make a conscious effort to make the entire experience a relaxed and joyous event rather than rushing and throwing a bunch of stuff together just because it needs to be done (even if you’re just cooking for yourself!).

Slow down, and enjoy the whole experience. Give yourself time and space to savor the entire act of preparing a meal. Listen to the different sounds, take in the aroma of the herbs and spices, observe the changes in color, feel the textures of vegetables, just embrace the process and have fun. The more joy you feel when you cook, the better your food will taste once it’s ready.