counter bad habits with good habits

It takes time to get over bad habits. We need to constantly interrupt those patterns and most importantly get off the path of self-sabotage.

When our bad habits operate on autopilot, it’s important that we become conscious of our acts. Our every compulsive act that is detrimental to our health and well-being needs to be countered with a good habit.

Were you angry at someone and said something negative and nasty? Go out for a walk for some time.

Are you stuck in the constant loop of anxiety and stress? Play a dance or fitness workout video and get that negative energy out.

Are you feeling anxious or overwhelmed and this has become your default state? Meditate first thing in the morning and find pockets of time during the day when you can zen out and experience the calm within.

As the good habits strengthen, our bad habits will lose their power over us. We need to have a plan and attack bad habits when they surface. We need to cut our ties with them so that we are no longer anchored and are able to move forward on the path of our greater success.