craft over marketing

Our craft is the most essential thing and should be our top priority. Many of us get worried whether our work is being noticed and if we’re getting enough attention from others or not. We can’t switch our focus from our craft to spending time on how to get more people to watch and appreciate us.

Our eyes need to be on our craft and pouring our heart and soul into it. Think of a musician playing on the street. When she’s playing her instrument, she’s absorbed in the beauty of her art — the soulful music that she’s creating. She’s in a state of flow, a sweet focus. If she starts looking around to see how many people have gathered around her and how much cash she’s going to get, she will not only lose her focus but also compromise the sanctity of her art. Instead, the best thing that she can do is simply play the instrument. The more she focuses on creating exceptional music, the more people will get drawn towards her, and the more donations she’ll end up receiving.

Doing our craft wholeheartedly and ensuring we provide the best quality that we can is the best marketing strategy. Promotions and advertisements should always get secondary importance. If we ever get to decide how to spend our resources, we need to ensure that our craft is taken care of first because it’s the center of everything. Our business begins with our creations, not vice versa. All our marketing and advertising endeavors will be futile if we don’t have a quality product to sell in the first place.

Focus on your craft and its mastery and creating exceptional work; don’t spend too much time in understanding the intricacies of marketing. Do your craft with sincerity and dedication, and focus on providing value and serving people in the best way you can. Everything else will take care of itself.