We all come across times when our computer gets stuck; and the habitual response that we all have cultivated is pressing the three keys together — Ctrl, Alt, Del.

In some cases it helps us open the task manager and interrupt and close the non-functioning program, in others it helps us restart and reboot the computer. Sometimes, it also helps us log on to the computer.  

Basically, whenever we’re stuck and when nothing seems to work, we press these three buttons to eliminate the program or technical problem that’s bothering us and start moving forward.

This three-key strategy is a fairly simple solution, and something that we can all apply in our everyday life as well.

It doesn’t matter what aspect of life we feel stuck in, we can implement the Ctrl+Alt+Del approach to solve our problems, overcome obstacles, and start progressing forward. Here’s how you can use it.

Control your emotions: We need to take charge of our emotions and bring our locus of control back in ourselves. When we come across difficult and unfavorable situations or circumstances, or occasions where other people provoke us or trigger us negatively, we need to practice self-control. Instead of reacting to them, we need to learn to manage our emotions and respond to them. It’s wise to curb our impulsive behaviors as they might lead to later regrets. We cannot control the externals and what happens to us, but we control ourselves and our emotions. As we master ourselves and stay calm, things get a whole lot easier for us.

Alternate your perception: Our perception creates our reality. When we become aware of the fact that our perception is shaped by our beliefs and our past experiences, we can work towards changing it. It’s wise to spend our time and energy on mastering our perception because that is what dictates our behaviors and how we show up in this world. For most of us, our perceptions are clouded and corrupted, stained by negative and toxic stimuli that we encounter in our everyday life. In order to have a healthier and clearer field of vision that uplifts us rather than deteriorates our success and well-being, we can work towards alternating our perception. When we start viewing the world around us with optimism, hope, abundance, love and compassion, we bring a radical change in our lives as well. As Debasish Mridha writes, “The best treatment for stress, anxiety, and depression is to change your perception by knowing that all of this is coming from a fear induced illusion.”

Delete negativity: Negativity will always be there around us. We cannot run away from it. We all experience negative emotions such as fear, self-doubt, anger, hate, jealousy, anger as we cruise our lives and it’s in our best interest to eliminate them via constructive avenues whenever they surface. We need to delete the negative noises and voices around us that attack our self-worth, well-being and confidence. Why carry unnecessary baggage that slows us down when we can get rid of it right here, right now?