cultivating appreciation towards our creations

Some of us are in the creative industries where the sales of our creations dictate our revenue.

Due to this uncertainty of income every month, some thrive under this pressure, while some end up becoming worrywarts.

Whether you’re a writer, a painter, or a musician, if you have a lingering doubt within yourself either about your creativity or whether your creation fits the bill or not, it will reflect on your sales.

As an artist, you need to be proud of your creations. You don’t have to become narcissistic but you need to cultivate a healthy appreciation and admiration towards your pieces of art.

When you’re in tune with the qualities of your creations and in alignment with the message that you’re trying to communicate with them, people notice that and naturally get intrigued.

If we’re not certain that our creations and artworks are worth spending for, and if we’re not galvanized by their worth first, we won’t be able to persuade and influence others to buy.

The belief that we have in ourselves and our creations ends up showing in our balance sheet and sales charts as well.

Appreciate and embrace the positive qualities of your creations. Believe in them and know that they are a manifestation of your commitment towards your art; trust that they are epitomes of excellence and reminders of the deep work that you’ve put in them.

Instead of worrying about the sales that our creations get, we simply need to communicate to the cosmos that we genuinely admire and appreciate what we’ve created. And as the world gets influenced and infected with our own enthusiasm, joy and satisfaction, and understands the value of our creations, our sales will start rising in no time.