days that shine in our hearts

days that shine in our hearts
Photo by Brooke Cagle / Unsplash

Calendars are filled with holidays, those special days everyone celebrates. We decorate, give gifts, and gather with loved ones, remembering important events that shaped our nation and touched our faith. But tucked away within each year, hidden from public calendars, are other special days—ones that whisper instead of shout, days that shimmer brightly inside our hearts. Let's call these precious moments "holy-days."

Holy-days aren't the same as holidays. They're not marked with parades or fireworks, but they resonate with something far deeper within us. They're days our souls remember, not because a calendar tells us to, but because they hold magic for us alone.

Imagine the warmth of a birthday candle's glow, reminding us of the day we arrived in this world. Or the quiet tear that rolls down our cheek on the anniversary of someone dear's passing, a day etched in our memory forever. Maybe it's the shared smile with a partner on your anniversary, a reminder of promises whispered and dreams grown together.

Holy-days can be more than love and loss. They can be turning points in our own stories. The day we finally climbed that mountain, the day we quit that soul-crushing job, the day we wrote the first word of our dream project, or the day we simply decided to forgive ourselves – each one a stepping stone on our personal journey.

By all means, celebrate the holidays on the calendar with gusto! Some of them might be your holy-days too, shining a double light into your life. But don't let the official festivities drown out the whispers of your inner calendar. Remember the days that whisper to you, the ones that make your heart beat a little faster, the ones that tie you to what truly matters.

Create your own rituals for these holy-days. Light a candle, write in a journal, share a quiet meal with someone who understands. Honor what resonates within you, what makes your spirit sing. These are the days that truly shape you, the days that whisper your unique story to the world.

So, let the calendar holidays come and go, but hold onto your own holy-days close to your heart. They are the stars that guide your inner compass, the embers that keep your spirit warm. Cherish them, celebrate them, and let them guide you on your beautiful, precious journey.