dealing with toxic emotions

The quickest way to get rid of hard and toxic emotions is to face them head-on. This is not easy and requires a great deal of wisdom and strength. As the quote from the Conversations With God book series goes: “What you resist persists, what you look at disappears”.

We need to feel our toxic emotions and label them so that we are better able to heal and let go of them. As we face the dark energy of the emotional baggage within us with fortitude, it gradually dissolves.

In his book The 5 AM Club, Robin Sharma writes, “Once you reclaim the power blocked by layers of toxic emotions and the wounds of the past, your Mindset, Heartset, Healthset and Soulset will all soar exponentially. And when your four interior empires escalate through your effortful self-purification, your supreme self begins to assume command.”

The bottom line is that we need to release the toxic and difficult emotions that we have via healthy avenues, otherwise these emotions tend to get repressed causing us stress, deteriorating our health and well-being and plummeting our productivity and performance.

The toxic emotions within us keep us stuck and stagnated. They form layers over our innate gifts talents and humanness. They keep us away from accessing our higher self, our Inner Being. We step away from our power and the legend and hero within.

We let the dark energy of anger, pain, hurt, resentment, fear, despair, and sorrow blind us from the beautiful sides of the people around us and the wonderful opportunities that await us in the world. It block us from accessing our innate genius and as a result it remains dormant and unexpressed.

We need to decimate these difficult and toxic emotions if we want to access our primal genius and become history-makers and legends in our chosen field. If we want to rise from the herd, and discover the hero within us and live a truly exceptional life, we need to heal our wounds and scars of the past, and overcome the dark energy of our toxic emotions so that we are able to reclaim the power that lies within us.