dealing with urges

Overcoming urges is not easy. We need to train our minds relentlessly to do so. Resisting and fighting urges is futile — the more we do that, the more we get trapped in them.

Urges are like Devil’s Snare. We just need to stop fighting and let their grip over us fade away with time.

Depending on what stage we’re in, we need to bring a corresponding level of consciousness in our actions.

When compulsion takes over and we lose control, we may go adrift, but we need to bring our focus back to the consciousness within us.

When the urge arises, we can let thoughts come and go without indulging in any actions. Our inaction will breed our confidence and self-reliance.

The stronger the urges, the more resilience we will need. But if we continue the path of being mindful and conscious, we’ll be able to build that resilience within ourselves.

We may fall again and again as we learn to ride the consciousness cycle, but it’s okay. We need to get up every time and find the balance again. Our road may get bumpy from time to time, but as we become better at maintaining our balance, we’ll be able to ride without falling and failing.

We don’t need to listen to the voice inside our head that wants us to act. We can simply ignore it, and it’ll soon become quiet on its own.