discover sunnier beliefs about yourself

Has it ever happened to you while traveling the same route on different occasions that at a certain juncture, no matter how sunny the day and clear the sky, it would rain at that place every single time? In contrast to the rest of the journey, that place would have a dark cloud — sometimes easily seen, sometimes not — hovering above it all the time.

It’s strange but it does happen. And this might be the same scenario in a particular area of our lives. A certain limiting belief always lingers above us, above one area of our lives, and no matter how sunny and cloudless the rest of the journey, it’s always raining there. 

What dark cloud is hovering over you? And more importantly, are your self-sabotaging patterns helping create it?

It’s important that we get rid of our toxic beliefs if we want to make meaningful progress in an area where we feel stuck. As Melody Beattie writes, “Some beliefs–My choices are wrong, I make bad decisions, I’m wrong–can create a dark heaviness that hangs over us like a cloud. These beliefs may be so subtle we don’t notice them. What we do notice is a lingering pain or anxiety, a cloud that seems to follow us around. What we don’t see is that we’re helping create and maintain our own cloud with these beliefs.”

If you feel anchored and stuck in a certain area of your life, the solution is simple: change your beliefs. Adjust your perception. Be bold — make some new decisions. Let go of the familiar and chart new territories. Allow yourself to discover some brighter, better, sunnier beliefs about yourself and your life. Develop belief in yourself and have faith that the decisions you make are absolutely fine. 

Choosing faith over fear is all about mustering the courage to lean into a deeper source of power that is present within us, and around us. To believe that we have the ability to tackle whatever obstacle comes our way. As Margie Warrel puts it, “Faith doesn’t remove our problems, but it transforms our relationship to them. In doing so, it expands our bandwidth for life.”

We have to trust ourselves. We have to have faith in the journey that we are going through. Because only when we cultivate self-trust we empower ourselves to become a great example and a true hero.