don't blend in with the crowd

It’s easy to be like everyone and follow the “trends”. To go with the herd and live by a template that others have created for us. But it takes courage and audacity to stand up and stand out. To be what we want to be. To do what feels right to us.

We are doing a disservice to ourselves and our uniqueness if we become anything other than our true selves. It’s incredibly important that we start living our own truth and choose our life by design, not by default.

Blending in with the majority of the population is easy, but we know deep down that we’re not cut out for it. Instead, we have to become our true selves.

As Mark Twain pointed out, “Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.”

It’s time that we stop and take a few moments and ask ourselves: Are we going along with the crowd? Are we living consciously or on autopilot? Are we embodying our own truth or choosing the path that everyone is walking on with a blindfold?

I know these are heavy and loaded questions, but we need to answer them, and the sooner we do, the better it is for us.

It’s our sacred duty as exceptionalists, thinkers, thought leaders, philosophers and global citizens to speak the truth. To stand up for causes that align with us and to stand out from the mob. Because if we don’t take the lead, who else will?