don’t give up your spiritual self for materialism

Materialism is not a bad thing. Bringing beautiful things in our lives and enjoying the pleasures the world has to offer are not superficial pursuits. In fact, they’re absolutely worth it. After all, abundance is our birthright, correct?

We humans are sensual beings. And therefore it makes sense (no pun intended) to maximize opportunities that help us engage and take in the tangible things that bring joy to us. 

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with having a beautiful and comforting home for yourself and your family, a sturdy and stylish car in your garage, premium food and groceries in your pantry and high-end clothing in your wardrobe. But, and here’s the big But, don’t put them on a pedestal and worship them. Don’t make them your end-goal. Have fun with them and enjoy them. But as Tyler Durden from Fight Club put it, don’t let the things you own, own you.

When it comes to materialism, practice self-control, moderation and detachment. These are essential ingredients when it comes to maintaining a healthy balance between fulfilling materialistic desires and living a spiritual life.

Countless people in this world have prioritized the pursuit of lavish luxuries, of yachts, jets and mansions, over aligning with their spiritual selves and enriching this connection. They’ve traded the inner joy and satisfaction of serving other people and making their lives better for the stress and overwhelming pressure of fulfilling their own selfish interests and accumulating more stuff.

Don’t be one of them. Instead, be the exception and invest your time, energy and attention into a cause, a mission and a vision that is larger than your own life, that significantly helps and improves the lives of your fellow humans. 

Don’t let materialism and trivial pursuits distance you away from your spiritual self. Instead, work towards elevating yourself and living a life of service and contribution. That will bring you the tranquility that you’ve been looking for all along. No money or luxury required.