don’t let fear take the driver’s seat

don’t let fear take the driver’s seat

No matter what circumstances you’re put into, you can always tame fear. 

Think of your first time interviewing for a job in the real world. Or going out on a date for the first time. You were incredibly nervous, but you still mustered up courage within you to get to and through that experience. 

Now, remember how you felt after a year on the job, or after going on multiple dates. There was not an ounce of fear within you, right?

Here’s the thing — with enough time and repetition, fear fades away. You become desensitized to the experience, and consequently cultivate fearlessness. 

Whether it be picking up scary tarantulas, jumping off an airplane, or just going and introducing yourself to a group of random people in the room, you can always develop courage and master your deepest fears. 

Does that mean you’ll be able to eliminate fear from your system for good? Of course, not. But you can always strive to have an upper hand over it. 

A great example is bestselling author and speaker Elizabeth Gilbert who has redefined her relationship with fear. She is grateful for it for keeping her safe and alive in dangerous circumstances, and allows it to have a “seat in the car,” but not to drive. She knows fear is nothing but a whiny baby and that’s why she puts it in the back seat, while having absolute control over the metaphorical steering wheel. You can have the same relationship with fear.